Privacy Policy

Swecial’s backend system will collect anonymous data usage about your progress in the game. We will use this data for our own analysis in order to determine how to improve your user experience and when it’s time to release new levels and features.

If you use a Swecial account as a sign in, Swecial’s backend system will store the data you choose to give us such as a valid email address and associate that with game features such as highscore and progress.

If you use your Facebook account as sign in, this is currently only used in the app Juicy Clouds. Swecial’s backend system will store your Facebook id. It will then associate this id with your personal game progress and highscores in order to be able to save your progress between devices, and to show your friends’ highscores for each level. We will not store any other information from Facebook than your Facebook id.

All communication between our games and our backend server are encrypted.

We do never share your personal information with third parties.

Some of our games will ask for camera and media permissions. If you do not grant these permissions you will not be able to use the camera, take photos, videos or upload photos in the game.


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