Beam Me Down The Funnel

Beam Me Down The Funnel

You have discovered a secret Juicy Clouds level! It’s free to play, and if you win it will be added to your level collection.

How to play a secret level

1. Open this page on your iOS or Android device with Juicy Clouds installed.
2. Press the big green button below

Open Juicy Clouds and play this level

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What is Juicy Clouds?

Juicy Clouds is puzzle game currently available on iOS and Android mobiles.
Read more about the game here

If you are reading this on your iOS or Android phone you can download by clicking on one of these buttons:

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2 comments on “Beam Me Down The Funnel”

  1. The secret levels dont open on my tablet….:-( I can see them on my other computer, but they just dont show on the device where your game is installed….

  2. Thx for the bug report! We found that there was a problem with viewing our site in Firefox on small screens, it should now be solved. Happy gaming!

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