About space levels in Juicy Clouds

Collect secret levels in Juicy Clouds

Juicy Clouds space levels are levels that are not included in the game. The space levels are downloaded to your phone when you find them and if you beat them they are saved on your phone in a special collection up in space.

Try looking at the Swecial Facebook page, on our Twitter feed and on the Google Plus page. Space levels may also show up in different places. If you find one you are free – and encouraged – to share it wherever you want.

Here’s one:
Swecial Thirst

Juicy Clouds

Juicy Clouds is a free casual puzzle game and is available for both iOS and Android.


You can now download Juicy Clouds for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
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You can now download Juicy Clouds for Android
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6 comments on “About space levels in Juicy Clouds”

  1. in spanish please! i want the game in spanish, and i don’t understand how i can get the secret levels… if you make the game in spanish you will get more players. sorry, my english is very bad! thank you!

  2. The game is great, I love it!

    In german it would be a little bit better 😉
    May you send a eMail when you need help with the translation?

    thank you for this great game! 🙂

  3. I’ve to congratulate for this fabulous game. It’s so entretaining! I’ve got three secret lvls and also reached the lvl 119 so please, develope some more. I hope you get more players.. I’m already suggesting the game to some friends. Good luck!

    • Thank’s for your kind words! I’ll send you new secret level so you have something to play 🙂 And there is more secret levels on the Swecial facebook page and the google + page for you to find.

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