Juicy Clouds

Juicy Clouds Free Puzzle Game for iPhone and Android

We proudly present our first Swecial game! Juicy Clouds.
If you are tired of unhealthy candy and jelly we think it’s time to relax with a juicy drink.


  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Link juicy clouds together to make them rain
  • You decide where the juice drops are most needed
  • No time rushed levels, take your time to figure out your next move
  • 119 levels to progress though included in the game right now, more to come!
  • Like Swecials Facebook page to receive a secret level every weekend
  • Secret levels hidden around the Internet for you to collect
  • Active level-designers will add levels as you progress
  • Relaxing sounds
  • Play with friends, use Facebook to see your friends hi-scores


You can now download Juicy Clouds for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Get Juicy Clouds on Apple AppStore


You can now download Juicy Clouds for Android
Get Juicy Clouds on Google Play


19 comments on “Juicy Clouds”

  1. Hey I love the game is original and addictive!! But I’ve been stuck at level 41 for awhile can you please help???

    • Level 41 is a tough one. The key is to save some of the color you need on the half of the board where they spawn less frequent. It helps to know that the large glasses takes 22 clouds. And don’t start by using all the red. You will need some of them later.

  2. This is a really fun game and I like it so much that I bought the VIP version. A few minutes of Juicy Clouds a day is a must 😉 But unfortunately I’m also stuck on level 45. I’ve been trying to solve it for two weeks now, searching for secret levels of and on to get some satisfactory of solving a game. The last days I noticed that I’ve been starting to loose interest in it because I can’t get any further, so I would greatly appreciate some help – so I can continue my daily Juicy Cloud-therapy 😉

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

    • Hi! It makes us really happy that you’re enjoying the game! This isn’t the best place for spoilers but level 45 a level that is hard to spoil since there is no special “trick” to win it. You need long chains of clouds, more clouds in a chain equals more juice and more beamer power-ups. Prioritise to remove snowflake since this makes the sky be filled with more clouds, which means even longer chains. On this level the grape clouds are in the way, you do need to remove a glass quickly to have somewhere to dump grape clouds otherwise the sky will be filled with grape and you can’t make those loong chains. And as always make every move count, if you have a glass that is almost full you can probably top it off with the wrong juice (for instance with grape). Hope this helps!!

  3. Ok I feel stupid but I cannot get past level 4. The glass on the right doesn’t get any juice because it is under a white cloud. What am I missing?

    • Thanks for your comment!
      No need to feel stupid, I think our tutorials could be clearer, so it’s good to hear from you! Please get back to me if I’m explaining poorly!

      • The clouds will rain their juice straight down from where you release your finger (rain falls through other clouds)
      • Mark all clouds in the same color so that the last one you mark will be over the glass.
      • You need minimum 3 clouds marked for them to rain, but you will probably want all in the same color most of the time (on lower levels anyway)
      • You can mark clouds from the top going down or from the bottom going up, side to side or diagonally.

      Please get back to me if this doesn’t help!

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  5. Level 43…is it a joke?! And I’m being totally serious. There’s gotta be something so huge I’m missing. I get rid of the snowflake with the dark blue clouds, and get a pink in return. Then I get rid of 2 snowflakes with all the light blue clouds on the right side. More pinks fill in. I move all he links on the board to the glass and it doesn’t fill it up all the way and then I’m out of moves. I’m mad and frustrated and about to delete the game. It’s supposed to be fun. This is not fun. I need halp!!!!!

    Ps, I’m on my iPhone and maybe 15% of the right side of the screen is cut off. Makes for reading comments very difficult!

    • Hi sorry to hear about your frustration! You’re right it’s supposed to be fun.
      You’re on the right track, starting with removing the snowflake with all dark blue (blueberry clouds). Try using all the light blues to remove the one snowflake in the bottom right instead of the two in the larger snow column. Hope this helps!

    • Hi! You get two new challenge levels everyday, we also post at least one original level every week here on our site, you can follow our Facebook page to see when they are posted. We are of cause also designing more levels for regular progress in the game. I’m the first to admit that these next pack has taken too long. I’ve been on paternity leave which is not an excuse but an explanation for having slacked a bit when it comes to designing levels. I’m only a few levels away from being finished with the next pack now. Bare with us! And thanks for your comment it’s always easier to keep creativity up when we know that someone are waiting!

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