We proudly present our Swecial numbers game Digolux.

Digolux Free 2048 Puzzle Game for iPhone and Android

2048 digolux icon
2048 digolux screens

How to play

  • Swipe right, left, up or down anywhere on the screen to fusion bricks with the same number.
  • You score by taking the score brick up though the EXIT
  • That’s it! Can you score higher than the rest of the world?


  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Easy to learn and easy on the eye
  • Fun for both beginners, casual players and score hunters
  • Saves your progress automatically
  • Global daily highscore, claim your fame!

Try Digolux now


Play it right now!
(You might need to press trust the Unity plugin to play it’s really safe so just go ahead)


You can now download Digolux for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Get Digolux on Apple AppStore


You can now download Digolux for Android
Get Digolux on Google Play


12 comments on “Digolux”

  1. I’m disappointed! I’m addicted to this game… Was very pleased to reach my highest score of 6348, but it is showing as only 1714 as my top score today & I should be number 53 on all time high scores.

  2. I have digolux on two iPads as well as my iPhone and all three are seemingly locking up after only a few minutes of play. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling with the same results. Any suggestions? My husband and I really love your game.

    Marshell Downing

  3. Hello, i’am yesterday’s hero with 123 536 !! Yes !! I Am so glad, but my score is not reset in the Top World, Can do it ? Tank you very much for this wonderful game ! LEBEN

  4. Hi , i am logged in , but app can not save my score. Internet connection is OK. And second problem is with my best score (all times) : value on top is not best score.

    • Hi! We are aware of the highscore sorting problem and working on solving it!
      Are you still facing problems saving your score?

  5. I just updated my game on my phone and all my coins disappeared. I took a screen shot if you need to see that I will try to send it to you. I also lost them on my tablet last month, but hadn’t remembered how many coins there were on that. I saw a note back then that this happened to some people with the update so figured I’d let you know in case you can help. Thanks

    • Krista, I think we solved this right? I hope you are happy with the solution and still enjoy playing our game! 🙂

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