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We’re very swecial people.

Swecial is a Swedish casual game studio founded by Anders Adermark and Tomas Seo.
Mr Adermark and Mr Seo first met in 1999 at the interactive agency Adera. In October 2013 they decided to try a lean startup in the casual gaming industry and in just four months and sweat equity they managed to release the studios first game Juicy Clouds on both Android and iOS.

Tomas Seo is a well know designer within the swedish design community, he was even elected as chairman for the Swedish Association of Designers for a few years and became the the youngest ever lifetime honour member of that organisation. Mr Seo has worked with marketing strategy and concept development since 1997 and since 2008 he’s been working with innovating business though his consult agency Phorecast. Mr Seo has worked with clients such as UNICEF, Swedish Armed Forces, Absolut Vodka just to mention a few. His background besides marketing strategy and design includes behaviour sciences, film studies and business administration.

Anders Adermark has worked with system development since 1996, when not tweaking game code he brews delicious ales, composes music or takes stunning photos. Mr Adermark has a background in traditional backend development, databases and systems integration but has worked full time with Android since 2011 and knows how to bend OpenGL to his will. He worked with Swedish startups such as BlogLovin and Sparakvittot and before joining up with Mr Seo he made a whole collection of his own android apps.


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  1. I like playing Digolux but I can’t figure out what numbers jump in when I move a block. Sometimes it’s 2,sometimes something else and in what seems to me like a random pattern. And I don’t find any discussion about that. Help, please.

    • Hi! You are correct, the new block that can be 2, 4 or 8. There will be less 8s when you start out a new game and less 2s when you have played for awhile. The exact formula is a secret since it differs us from other 2048-games Hope this clears things up. Best regards Tomas

  2. Hello,
    I cannot connect to the server under iOS10 (latest version) to save my scores. It hangs on the “connecting to server… please wait”

    • Hello Jean-Philippe,

      Are this happening on all networks? What version (check in settings) are you on?

      Best regards

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