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Easter is coming. So some Swecial education is in place. Many associate Easter with the death of Jesus, eggs and lamb.

In Sweden, we have another tradition though. The kids dress up as witches in rags and kerchiefs. We call them “Påskkärring” or literally “Easter Hag”. They then go door to door, offering self made Easter cards in return for candy treats to put in their coffee pots.

It’s a bit Halloweenish. We have done this long, long before we started adopting the English/American Halloween tradition though.

The reason for this is an old belief that the witches traveled to dance with the devil on Thursday before Easter. They then returned on Saturday and due to this many parts of Sweden still light fires and shoot rockets and crackers in order to scare all the witches passing in the air on their broom sticks.

And now that you have learned about the Swedish Easter traditions you’re ready to play this year’s Easter level! 🙂

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