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What is a semla? it’s not a new creature in Juicy Clouds, although it could very well have been. It’s actually a weird Swedish eatable thing. It’s basically a hamburger with whipped cream instead of juicy meat. Some people think a semla should be eaten in a bowl simmering in milk. It is also called Fettisdagsbulle and was traditionally an easter thing. Now it’s more of a spring thing, and they come in all shapes and weird flavours. So here is our recipe for a hipster semla:

• Cardamom muffins
• Whipped cream (free from lactose)
• Cognac
• Almond butter

Splitt the muffin
Whipp the cream with some cognac in it for taste (essence is fine it’s for flavour not to get drunk, but you loose hipster points if you haven’t distilled your own cognac)
Dig a hole in the muffin bottom and fill it with almond butter.
Put a lot of whipped cream on the muffin bottom and place the muffin top on top of that.
Eat the juicy hipster semla with chopsticks (or at least a small fork)

Here is a recipe for a more traditional semla if that’s what you prefer

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