This is the top 2048 game ever!

Top 2048

This week’s space level is a tribute to the best 2048 game ever made. Have you played 2048? If not, don’t waste your time. Digolux is the game you should try. The basic game play is to move blocks with numbers around. If you swipe on the screen all blocks will move in the direction you swiped (if they can). If two blocks has the same number you can merge them by moving one into the other. They will become one block, and double it’s value.

In Digolux you have special blocks with another color, called “exit blocks”. On top of the playing area there are one or more exits. If an exit block is directly below an exit, the exit block can be moved up through the exit. This is how you score points in Digolux.

There are several ways of getting bonuses:

You get a multiplier exit if you do one of the following
* Make three merges in the same move
* Use an exit boost

You get exit boosts if you
* Get it randomly when playing
* Align four numbers in the same row (this gives you a mega boost, worth several multipliers)

You get mega blast if you
* Smash together high numbers and don’t wait too long between the merges. The mega blast progress decreases for each move you make without merging.

You get coin rewards if you
* Get 1024 on a block
* Get 2048 on a block
* Win the daily highscore competition
* Get in the top places in the daily highscore competition
* Sometimes we announce quests that give coin rewards. They can be reaching a magic number, scoring above a number, aligning four in a row etc. Keep your eyes on the start screen’s news box.

Apart from this, Digolux has exceptional effects, sound and music. And of course it’s free!

So what are you waiting for? Download the game and start playing!


You can now download Digolux for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Get Digolux on Apple AppStore


You can now download Digolux for Android
Get Digolux on Google Play

PS. We might be a bit biased. After all, we made the game. That doesn’t mean we are wrong though! 🙂

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3. If you win, the level will be added to your space level collection.

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