This is the hottest time of the year in Sweden. Many sun lovers rush to the beaches around the country to find an empty spot in the sun. We have a better suggestion though. Find an even nicer spot in the shadow instead, drink lots of juice to fight dehydration and beat this space level. You will get a nice new package to your space shelf collection. Feel free to show your friends and brag about how good you are. Compare collected space packages and have another glass of juice! Cheers!

How to play a space level

1. Open this page on your iOS or Android device with Juicy Clouds installed.
2. Press image with the big green play button in it above (the illustration) or just press here
3. If you win, the level will be added to your space level collection.

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What is Juicy Clouds?

Juicy Clouds is match three puzzle game currently available on iOS and Android mobiles.
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