Swedish Midsummer 2016

Swedish Midsummer

It’s time again! Today is midsummer! Are you familiar with the Swedish midsummer celebration? In short this is what happens:

* Peolple gather around the smorgasboard lunch. Pickled herring is the main attraction, accompanied with the “nubbe”. Nubbe is basically distilled spirits spiced with different herbs. A typical nubbe is akvavit. After that most swedes head to a gathering place where a midsummer pole is decorated with birch leaves and wild flowers. It’s raised by all strong men and then music and dance around the pole starts. It’s mostly for the kids but since the parents have been drinking some nubbe, they happily dance along imitating small frogs.

Girls usually have leaves and flower garlands in their hair. After this the party goes on until late night or early morning.

Happy midsummer!

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