Say hello to Bowterfly, and the new levelpack!

New levels for Juicy Clouds available now

60 new levels and we have a new creature in the Juicy Cloud universe if you upgrade to the latest version! You untie a bowterfly by dropping juice on it. Black bowterflies will untie when they are exposed to any juice otherwise the need a specific kind of juice clouds to rain on them. Most bowterflies contains a gift which is unveiled after you untie it.

If you haven’t played all levels we had before, time to catch up, and do the update anyway so you can be ready for next weeks space level. We have a feeling that that one will feature a bowterfly or two.

To encourage us to make this game even better we would be really happy if you told your friends about it, please consider telling all your friends to download

Hope you enjoy the new levels!
Best regards
Tomas and Anders, the Swecial team

What is Juicy Clouds?

Juicy Clouds is match three puzzle game currently available on iOS and Android mobiles.
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