Lucia 2015

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It’s not only some fancy party in the Stockholm Town Hall tonight. It’s also closing in for Lucia again. On Sunday (the 13:th of December) we celebrate Lucia in Sweden. Same procedure as every year. All the kindergarten girls dress up as Lucia, the main character of the day. She wears all white and has candles in her hair. The kids don’t use live candles though, they use smaller electrical ones. And the boys dress as gingerbread men, Santas or star boys. Then every parent has to quit work early and get to kindergartens and schools in time to listen to their kids singing smash hits like “Santa Lucia”, “Good Evening”, “Three Gingerbread Men” and “Stephan the Stable boy”. If we get really lucky they may even sing about the drunken Santas who want to be left alone.

Happy Lucia everyone!

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