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Juicy Gravad Lax

Sometimes you really need juicy beamer clouds. They contains twice as much juice as regular clouds, and they cooperate so they link together with other beamer clouds far away. Regular juicy clouds transforms into beamer clouds when you link together lot’s of clouds in your previous move, the color of the clouds you link doesn’t matter, you will get beamers in the color you need. The amount of clouds you need to link together for them to show up differs for different levels. So sometimes you need to do a scouting round before you can fine tune your strategy to win a level.
This weeks space level would be rather hard to win without using beamers so make sure you get really long links of clouds.

How to play a space level

1. Open this page on your iOS or Android device with Juicy Clouds installed.
2. Press image with the big green play button in it above (the illustration) or just press here
3. If you win, the level will be added to your space level collection.

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What is Juicy Clouds?

Juicy Clouds is match three puzzle game currently available on iOS and Android mobiles.
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