Juicy Gravad Lax

Juicy Gravad Lax

This week’s juicy clouds space level comes with a recipe for gravad lax (Swedish dill-cured salmon)
If you search for a recipe you will almost certainly get the proportions 1 part sugar and 1 part salt. But if you follow that you will not end up with what you would get in a restaurant. The modern proportion is closer to 2 parts sugar and 1 part salt. This makes the salmon less stiff. The drawback is that you need to consume it faster but it tastes so good that no fish will be left behind anyway.

Here comes the recipe for juicy gravad lax

1 part salt
2 parts sugar
crushed white pepper
fresh salmon filet with skin on (if you don’t buy sushi grade fish you need to freeze it for two days before starting)

Mix sugar and salt on a plate. Don’t worry about the exact amount, the fish will take what it need.
Grind white pepper over the plate.
Rub the fish with the mix.
Put the fish in a plastic bag together with lots of dill.
Seal the plastic bag.
Put it in the refrigerator with something heavy on it (like an other plate or a cutting board)
Play Juicy Clouds or Digolux for 24 hours if you have a sushi grade salmon or 48 if you don’t (flip it over a couple of times if you want a break from playing).

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3. If you win, the level will be added to your space level collection.

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