Apples and Oranges

Apples and Oranges

Everyone knows that apples can’t be compared with oranges. They both produce tasty juice though, perfect for a picnic in the park. In this space level the apple juice glasses are easy to fill, and the orange juice glass is a bit tricky. Good luck!

How to play a space level

1. Open this page on your iOS or Android device with Juicy Clouds installed.
2. Press image with the big green play button in it above (the illustration) or just press here
3. If you win, the level will be added to your space level collection.

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Juicy Clouds is match three puzzle game currently available on iOS and Android mobiles.
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  1. Unable to create a Swecial account. When I entered a name then click on the next field, the name disappeared.

    • Hello,

      This is a bug we are trying to solve. Until then you will have to press “ok” after typing. When you just select a new field without pressing ok the input is cleared.

      Sorry about this.

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