I can’t stop playing this game!

Yes, that’s what one of our test users said. We had to ask the follow up question, “But do you enjoy it?”.
She confirmed that Digolux was a really fun and addictive casual mobile game so we decided to go ahead and release it for everyone to be hooked on.


A bit of a background, we played 2048 and some of the clones as everyone else and that sparked a debate. Is this really a game or just a setup for a game? Could Swecial improve this basic game dynamic and build something even more addictive? The answer is as you can understand from one of our test users comment, yes!

Don’t believe that we could? Are we just bragging? Feel free to say so in the comments! Free is the price of the game as well by the way, download for iOS or Android and test it your self.


You can now download Digolux for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Get Digolux on Apple AppStore


You can now download Digolux for Android
Get Digolux on Google Play

If you love Digolux please take a moment to write a review it really makes a big differens for how fast we can release updates and new games.

More fun will follow!
Best regards,
Anders and Tomas


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