Juicy Clouds is now available on the Apple AppStore

Juicy Clouds Available on the Apple AppStore

FAQ: When can we tell our friend that Juicy Clouds is available for iOS?
Answer: Now!

Juicy Clouds is free to play, it’s a really fun and addictive puzzle game where you will make clouds containing different juice flavours fill up your glasses so you can have a nice picnic.

Read more about this outstanding new casual game here or if you are on an iOS device right now just go download it on the AppStore.
Get Juicy Clouds on Apple AppStore

Or if you are on an Android device you can go on the google play
Get Juicy Clouds on Google Play

So now you guys will relax when it’s in store you say? No, now the work begins we say. We are already in the works with social high-scores, more levels and game play features.

To encourage us to make this game even better we would be really happy if you told your friends about it, please consider telling all your friends to download

Also we know that writing reviews is like two or three clicks away from just relaxing and playing, but lot’s of stars on AppStore and Google Play will help us, so if you like the game this is also something we would be extremely grateful for.

Best regards,
Anders and Tomas


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